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Beers for Any Adventure!


Our story

An Eddyline is the point on a river where the normal flow turns into an upstream slower moving part called an Eddy. Every river adventure starts and ends by crossing the Eddyline.

Eddyline Restaurant and Brewery was founded in 2009. The original concept was simple, a small craft brewery with incredible wood-fired cuisine in the mountains of Colorado, where you could enjoy Life's Adventures. We are a place where you can plan your next adventure or celebrate the current one.  

Our own journey has been quite the Adventure! We expanded to our second location in 2011 where "Beers for Any Adventure!" was born, packaging 16oz 6 packs. In 2014 we put in a state-of-the-art production facility and have since become one of Colorado's premiere craft breweries. In 2016 our 2 original founders, Mic & Molley, opened two locations in New Zealand!   

In the last few years, the craft industry has come with many new challenges, but we find ourselves well prepared as we advance onto another phase of our business adventure! 


Life is an adventure!  Eddyline was founded to heighten life’s adventures by providing amazing wood-fired cuisine, the most drinkable craft beers and warm and inviting atmospheres where you can celebrate, reflect on, and plan your next life adventure.


At Eddyline, we value leadership, teamwork, and our employees. We strive to lead by example & understand that loyal employees working together create loyal customers. We also value integrity, adventure, innovation and experiences. The path of life has many adventures that test us, push us forward and keep us learning to create positive memories that will last forever.


Our vision is to craft spaces and products that enhance life's adventures. We aim to do this in a way that creates a more sustainable business and better future for both our communities and employees.

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