A pub, as a communal gathering place, is an important part to any community and we want to be able to continue to be there for you.  We need to minimize the risk of public gatherings in terms of the new threat posed by the COVID19 (Corona virus) pandemic. Public places can be safe to gather at as long as appropriate measures are taken that we already follow and will implement new procedures as well to protect the public health.

To ensure that our customary high standards of sanitation, cleaning, and employee hygiene are met and in response to CDC COVID-19( Coronavirus) guidelines we have added many additional steps, with a particular emphasis on any items that touch many hands (menus, door handles, chairs, etc..).   We have removed items from tables like salt and pepper shakers, silverware holders, and menus as these will be sanitized after every visit or removed and replaced with single use items. Your safety is important to us and we ask that you are cooperative with these changes.

We also ask that if you are sick with any respiratory issues that you do not patronize us.  We would be glad to offer take away options but cannot risk having customers with illness interacting with other customers and our employees.

All employees have been instructed to stay at home if they are sick.  Most of our staff already has access to Paid Time Off as part of their benefit package and we are extending this to the rest of our staff to be inline with the State of Colorado’s recommendations.  

We wish you continued good health, and thank you for supporting small local businesses, including our taproom and restaurant that acts as your community place to experience joy and happiness.

We look forward to continuing to serve you, and hope knowing how important we take the safety of our employees and guests will enhance your piece of mind.  And here at Eddyline we don’t shake hands, fist bump, or elbow bump we prefer to cheers!

Eddyline Brewery Taproom and Restaurant