We are excited to release our beer release calendar to outline all of our planned releases for 2019!

“To keep up with our rapid growth and answer requests from thirsty accounts, distributors, and customers, we decided to release a complete beer calendar to let everyone know what to look forward to in 2019.’ Says Marketing Director Sheila Bustamante. ‘Due to popular demand we are making our Grapefruit Yanker IPA and our Raspberry Wheat year-round releases as part of our core lineup, as well as launching a completely new Trail Builder Series.”

Eddyline’s core line up of beers has seen explosive growth in 2018, growing at over five times the industry average, a rarity in Colorado and across the country.

“With the explosive growth of Raspberry Wheat and Grapefruit Yanker IPA it just made sense to have them year round.” Says Bustamante.

Eddyline will also show off some new beers in 2019, releasing three of its popular seasonals alongside its new “Trail Builder Series” that will highlight new styles and it’s team’s creativity.

“Our first release in the Trail Builder Series will be our Brut IPA coming out this month,’ say’s Bustamante, ‘It is our play on this new style, with lower IBU’s and a big dry hop. It is extremely dry, at less than 1 Plato final gravity. Making it a very easing drinking IPA.”

Eddyline plans on releasing three other beers in the series in 2019 including its 10th Anniversary Beer, a beer using the Pink Boots Society Hop Blend, and a SMaSH IPA.

“We can’t wait to share our beers with our fans across Colorado this year, both our new releases and our flagships,” exclaims Bustamante.

For information, samples, or interviews contact Marketing Director Sheila Bustamante at Sheila@eddylinebrewing.com