Eddyline’s production brewery is located in the heart of Buena Vista, Colorado along the banks of the Arkansas River and the beautiful Collegiate Peaks. Our state of the art American made brewery produces over 1.5 million pints of craft beer annually and employs 20+ Coloradan’s in the heart of the high country.

All of our beers are made with the finest malted barley, specialty grains, and hops from across the US, Europe and New Zealand. We put a focus on sourcing the best, and our beers show it, winning medals at Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup, and dozens of other competitions.

We take protecting our environment and community seriously which is why we package exclusively in 16oz tallboy six packs.



Canned brews have a much smaller environmental impact. According to Novelis, “Currently, approximately 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use, a testament to its long life cycle and infinitely recyclable nature.”


Better ability to preserve the quality of the beer protecting it from light and oxygen. Giving you a better tasting beverage.


Our 16 ounce 6 packs are suitable to be enjoyed in an outdoor environment and easily transportable in your backpack, kayak or bike cage without adding much extra weight.

So whenever you raise an Eddyline beer remember that you are drinking some of the best Colorado has to offer and that we will always strive to bring you the best beer for any adventure!