Year Round Offerings

Crank Yanker IPA
Crank Yanker IPA7% ABV ~ 70 IBU - Eldorado, Mosaic, Cascade
A very balanced, complex, yet easy drinking IPA. Tropical aromas of mango, orange, and pineapple balance with the malt and a crisp bitter finish.
Epic Day Double IPA
Epic Day Double IPA10% ABV ~ 100 IBU - Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe
A complex malt bill with a platform that allows the pungent hop blend to shine with notes of grapefruit, tropical fruit, pine and resin to truly shine. Rich complex maltiness with a refreshing juiciness from the intense aromatic hops including Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic.
Grapefruit Yanker IPA
Grapefruit Yanker IPA7% ABV ~ 60 IBU - Grapefruit and Mango
Crank Yanker IPA with grapefruit and mango.
River Runners Pale Ale
River Runners Pale Ale6% ABV ~ 60 IBU - Amarillo, Eldorado
Enough hops to satisfy our hophead, solid malt backbone, and crisp finish making you want more; the folks at River Runners loved this beer as well and we named it after them since they were the first to put it on tap right after we opened in 2009.
Raspberry Wheat
Raspberry Wheat4.5% ABV ~ 15 IBU
Slightly tart American wheat made with pure Oregon raspberries

Local and Taproom Offerings

Boater Beer
Boater Beer4.5% ABV 20 IBU
A pilsner made with enough maltiness for a solid initial mouthful but a crisp finish. Lightly dry-hopped to give it a nice summery floral hoppiness. The classic summer brew
Kickn' Back Amber
Kickn' Back Amber 4.75% ABV ~ 15 IBU
A light Vienna style lager with a toasty nuttiness and crisp finish from German and American hops. This is an easy drinking amber.
Jolly Roger Black
Jolly Roger Black5.0% ABV ~ 20 IBU
Black as the midnight sky, bold as a pirate! This black lager is an unpretentious roasty, easy drinking lager. Big flavor, smooth crisp finish. 2012 North American Brewers Award Gold Medal Winner


Trail Builder Series - Brut IPA
Trail Builder Series - Brut IPA7.5% ABV ~ 25 IBU
Extremely Dry IPA with an easy to drink finish and nice hop aroma. First of our Trail Builder Series
14er Java Stout
14er Java Stout9% ABV ~ 30 IBU -
The Arkansas River Valley is home to 14,000’ peaks in Colorado and this beer fits the bill. Three pounds of local coffee per barrel, and lots of roasted and chocolate malts make this a rich, malty java stout.
Summer in the Citra
Summer in the Citra6.1% ABV - 50 IBUs - Citra and Motueka
Freaking explosion of citrus! Tropical juiciness with Mandarin and lime aroma.
Pumpkin Patch Pale Ale
Pumpkin Patch Pale Ale5.5% ABV 20 IBU
Golden quaking aspens, a dusting of powder on the peaks and the first fire in the fireplace represent harvest time. Celebrate the bountiful season with our pumpkin patch ale made with real pumpkin, spices, and honey.