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Epic Day Double IPA Statement

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Epic Day Double IPA Statement

In late 2017 Utah-based Epic Brewing, sued Eddyline Brewing claiming that our Epic Day Double IPA infringed on their trademark. We feel strongly that this claim has no merit and we are committed to defending our company from what we consider to be a frivolous lawsuit.

Until this case is resolved, we will be self-distributing Epic Day DIPA to select accounts in Colorado.

If you would like to carry Epic Day DIPA in your store please contact us at epicday@eddylinebrewing.com.

If you have additional questions about this matter, contact Eddyline Brewery CEO Brian England, at brian@eddylinebrewing.com.

Have an Epic day!

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9 comments on “Epic Day Double IPA Statement

  1. Craig Divich

    I love Eddyline’s Epic Day. Is my favorite beer and no others even comes close. Where in Colorado Springs can I buy it. All the places I use to buy it have been out for weeks.

  2. Please, please, please bring it to Antlers liquor store in Westcliffe! It’s so hard to find anything this tasty in our town.

  3. One of the best beers I’ve ever enjoyed! I am upset Epic Brewing feels this way. I think that their claim is ridiculous. Rename it! Keep brewing it….PLEASE!

  4. sad, not getting your epic ipa in grand jct any more. it was my poker buddies favorite. but you fellows really struck out with your
    grapefruit hanker ipa.it sucks! and this from some ipa experts.
    hope you win your suit in Utah, and start selling epic again.
    thanks, Ed and the boys.

    • Hi Ed,

      Sorry that you don’t like the Grapefruit Yanker. Lots of our customer absolutely adore it, but we realize it isn’t for everyone. As for the Epic Day we just delivered Epic Day to most of the stores in the Grand Junction and Fruita area this weekend. You should be able to find it now!

  5. William Lee

    Live in The Denver area sorry that it was pulled off the shelves would love to see it heritage liquor store it is my favorite IPA

  6. Cory Graham

    This is my favorite beer, by far. Have your considered just renaming it? Awesome Day? Totes Amazing Day? 5pm Friday beer? All are Epic, too

  7. It’s sad to fight over something so small. The heck with Epic brewing. I’m glad you guys are fighting. Please keep it coming to steamboat and Craig. You make it, we’ll drink it. One of the best double IPAs available.

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