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Eddyline Brewery Releases New Brewers Project Can: Eddyline Black Eddy IPA

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Eddyline Brewery Releases New Brewers Project Can: Eddyline Black Eddy IPA

Buena Vista, Colorado – Tuesday, November 1, 2016 – Eddyline Brewery has launched a limited release Brewers Project 16 ounce 6 pack featuring Eddyline Black Eddy IPA, a very well-balanced flavorful IPA with a slight roasted malt taste and extremely smooth finish with an of ABV 7.5%. Eddyline Black Eddy IPA is sold at liquor stores throughout Colorado along with their flagship beers, Crank Yanker IPA and River Runners Pale Ale available in 16 ounce 6 packs. Locate their beer at http://eddylinebrewing.com/locate-our-beer/.

“We have always brewed extremely drinkable IPAs whether it’s our flagship Crank Yanker or our Epic Day Double IPA and felt this would be a good addition to our lineup.  We wanted to create a style that was not heavily produced in the market; however still gives our customers a highly drinkable well balanced IPA that they have become accustomed to seeing from our brew team,” stated CEO, Brian England.

The Brewers Project was created to offer unique, fun and limited release beers paying homage to the Colorado mountains and craft beer! Prior to Eddyline Black Eddy IPA, Grapefruit Yanker IPA and Epic Day Double IPA were released in the Brewers Project can.  We have a series of new beers in the planning phases and are excited to release these in the coming year.   

About Eddyline Brewery

Eddyline Taproom & Brewery is one of Colorado’s fastest growing microbreweries. Since 2009, Eddyline has been focused on creating unique ales and lagers of the highest quality while representing Colorado’s outdoor enthusiasts. Our 16-ounce cans are infinitely recyclable, preserve the quality and freshness of the beer and are easily transportable for your favorite outdoor adventures. Eddyline works closely with local groups to help improve trails, river parks, and strongly believes in being an active steward of the local Chaffee County community.


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7 comments on “Eddyline Brewery Releases New Brewers Project Can: Eddyline Black Eddy IPA

  1. Absolutely loved your phenominal Epic Day double IPA when I visited a few days ago! What kind of hops are used?

  2. Hello Hello,

    Thank you so much for the limited release on this one. What a brilliant brew and way stoked on the pint size 6er. I wanted a local brew, something with flavor, & a malty finish.

    Your 6 pack was on sale, local, & perfectly roasted to my likings. Well done!! I look forward to making a trip up your way and visiting the brewery. Happy New Year and wish you all the best in 2017.

    Here is a time lapse of a Jenga game and your cold brew properly poured for consumption. Hope You All Dig


    The Padre

  3. My current favorite beer

    Great beer. I’m a huge fan of your Crankyanker IPA, but the Black Eddy has me blown away. This may be dreaming, but it would be amazing if this was a year-round beer.

    • Hi Tasha,

      We are working on the design for this can right now. We have such great feedback from this beer we are looking to transition to a year round beer. Keep an eye on our social media for launch dates. Cheers, Eddyline Team

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